What I’m Working On Right Now:

  • @ University of Liverpool as a  Research Assistant with Dr. Bethan Evans, studying the intersections between fatness, disability, and built space (specifically flying while fat).
  • Working on a graphic memoir. Currently in the writing/planning stage and will be working soon with an editor to create a formal proposal.
  • Having fun writing music with my band You Made it Weird and getting ready to record in late April!
  • Really enjoying creating custom fabric designs for my CowCow store!
  • Excitedly awaiting visits from three friends from the States between April and June!
  • @ Freelance Projects
    • — awaiting news on a grant with Dr. Bethan Evans, Dr. Rachel Colls and Dr. Karyn Morrisey to create two new animations and a series of papers around our combined research on Flying While Fat.
    • — self-directed study in illustration, animation, and motion graphics. Doing a few small animations each week as practice and posting them to my instagram feed.
  • managing the Flying While Fat facebook community.

Recently Completed Projects:

  • in conjunction with University of Liverpool and DADA Fest (Deaf & Disability Arts Festival) in Liverpool in 2016, I’ve recently completed an animation on Flying while Fat that is exhibited at the Bluecoat Centre for Contemporary Arts and Tate Gallery, Liverpool in late November and early December 3rd, 2016. It was released online in early December and received 750,000 collective views and a round of mainstream press with a combined readership of nearly 2 million!
  • Gave a couple of presentations with the amazing Dr. Bethan Evans of the University of Liverpool on our combined work around Flying While Fat.
  • Two Whiteboard animations for the Firefighter Cancer Initiative (University of Miami)
  • Created a series of Whiteboard animations for the USylvester Cancer Treatment Center (University of Miami)
  • New logo and website design for The Leveller (Launching 20th of March, 2016)
  • Website build for
  • Sadly, PACE Health has shuttered its doors due to funding loss in the charity sector, so my 4 years of working as their Web Design Manager has drawn to a close. Losing PACE is a blow for London’s LGBT community and I am grateful and honoured to have worked with such compassionate and committed colleagues.
  • Keeping My Promises Sticker Chart Pack: Putting the fun back in Executive Function.
  • Rad Fatty Merit Badges: 830% funded crowdfunding campaign to produce stickers and pins celebrating the strength and resilience of fat folks facing daily stigma. Featured in: Mic.Com // People Magazine // Cosmo // HelloGiggles // APlus // Bustle // CafeMom
  • Yoga for Larger Bodies Documentary Animation:  The origin story of a London yoga class for fat individuals, narrated by its leader, Janice Kate Fisher. Each frame of the animation is formed of a single, unbroken line – in keeping with the theme of zen and connection. The animation was screened at the Supetar Super Film Festival in Croatia.
  • The 12 Good Fatty Archetypes: web comic explaining how the various tropes of ‘good fatness’, when used as bids for social legitimacy, spawn equal and opposite negative identities — the bad fatties.


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