What I’m Working On Right Now:

  • Freelance animation and design in London!
  • Creating a short comic about C-PTSD, rescue dogs and the ethics of polyamory. (They go together, believe it or not!)
  • Working with Dr. Bethan Evans at University of Liverpool, to publish two papers studying the intersections between fatness, disability, and built space in relation to flying while fat.
  • managing the Flying While Fat facebook community.
  • Working on one long-form and one short-form graphic memoir. Currently in the writing/planning stage.

Recently Completed Projects:

  • Attended the Graphic Medicine conference in Brighton, UK!
  • Successfully submitted a chapter on animation as a creative research dissemination method for an upcoming book on Creative Research Methods, edited by Professor Richard Phillips and Dr. Helen Kara
  • Completed two short animations for the Body Positive Schools Curriculum being developed by the University of Bath. 
  • Completed a two week Arts Residency at Fish Factory Arts!
  • Completed an animation about Antibiotic Resistance for Dr. Erina MacGeorge and Dr. David Brinker at Penn State.
  • Completed an animation called “It’s Only Hair” for Professor Emma Tarlo at Goldsmiths, University of London for her exhibition Hair! Human Stories in June, 2018.

This page inspired by Derek Sivers’ idea of Now.