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The Burden of Representation – Or – Jeez, you people really hate a kill-joy!

My last blog post on the Geico commercial ruffled some feathers. I had to laugh this morning when I deleted yet another snarky comment (this one told me I must have Daddy Issues. You don’t even know, Troll from Portland, … >> Read More

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Ew. Seriously? Geico is So Gross. (Or, Why this shit really isn’t funny.)

Normally, yet another in an infinite series of ridiculous stereotype-laden 30 second commercials wouldn’t rate a blog post from me. This one truly disturbed me however, not only because of its content but because of the reaction it induced from a few fellow rad fatties. >> Read More

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On Strong4Life and the Ideology of Health

Strong4Life’s billboards are a grim and veritable tableau of fat stereotypes; stark black and white photos featuring dour and unkempt fat children in too-tight, outdated clothing and slapped with bright red WARNING labels beneath which such myth-laden gems as “It’s hard to be a little girl when you’re not” and “Big bones didn’t make me this way, big meals did.” >> Read More

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An Open Letter to Margaret Cho Re: Karl Lagerfeld

After Karl Lagerfeld’s idiotic comments on Adele the other day, Margaret Cho wrote another really amazing rant that took him to task for his ridiculousness. There’s a lot in her post that I wholeheartedly echo and celebrate, not the least … >> Read More

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