1. How freaking awesome is that? I love it!

  2. Awesome! I am THE BMI Bustin’ Avenger!!

  3. Jade! From this moment forward you will be known as:

    THE Rotund Tornado

    thats cool xD

  4. The Fecund Tornado!

    I had to look up fecund……
    1. fruitful in offspring or vegetation
    2. intellectually productive or inventive to a marked degree

    I’m going to go with “intellectually productive” tornado-yah!

  5. I am ‘The Pudgy Protector’- fear me.

  6. woo! Juicy Machine!
    Yes-these are good.

  7. Totally awesome! My Crossfit nickname is Machine Gun Jenny. My fatty superhero name is The Potbellied Machine. So all is right with the universe.

  8. The Buxom Dominator! It’s like it knows me! <3

  9. I am…THE FECUND AVENGER!!! And her husband, the oh-so-cute, debonair, dashingly handsome…PAUNCHY PUNISHER!!! Duhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh, duhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh FATMAN! FATMAN! FATMAN! FATMAN! “POW!” “OOF!” “KAPOW!”
    Meanwhile, at the Fat Cave: “Look, Paunchy Punisher! It’s the Fat Signal!”
    “Holy adipose, Fecund! It looks like our archnemesis, Jenny Craig and her dietbots are wreaking havoc once again on the good citizens of Gotham City! To the Fatmobile!” Duhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh

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